8 things about Etna you may not know

8 things about Etna that you may not know

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Mount Etna has always arisen curiosity since ancient times – when men could not understand the cause of the volcanic phenomena which were then attributed to supernatural origins – to nowadays, as scientists from all over the world come to Sicily to accurately study the volcano.

Let’s try to learn some things about Etna, its stories and legends:

  1. this volcano’s old Greek name was “Aitna”, which means “to burn”;
  2. “Mongibello” is another name for Etna. This term comes from the union between the Latin word “mons” – mountain – and the Arabic word “gibel” – mountain. In this case, the repetition of the term “mountain” expresses the majesty of the volcano.
  3. Mount Etna is 3343 mt high, which makes it is the highest volcano of the Eurasian Plate!
  4. According to a legend, the Goddess Athena buried the giant Encelado under the Sicily and his inflamed breath would provoke the eruptions of Mount Etna, being his face just under the volcano. 
  5. According to other old stories, inside of Mount Etna there would be the laboratory where the Ciclops fabricate the thunderbolts that Zeus uses as weapons.
  6. Other stories say that a castle of King Arthur would be hidden inside one of the caves of the volcano.
  7. It is told that the famous Greek pre-Socratic philosopher Empedocles threw himself into the volcano to discover the secrets of the volcanic activity.
  8. In June 2013 Mount Etna was added to the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

How many of these things about Etna did you already know?

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