The Aeolian Islands Tours perfect guide

Aeolian Islands Tours

The Aeolian Islands Tours perfect guide

The Aeolian Islands tours:  these Islands are an archipelago in Italy belonging to Sicily, magical Islands one different from the other one and all rich of peculiar sites, places and things to do. This little guide is a step by step full immersion into their unique characteristics, letting you start to “taste” the gorgeous experience you may live by organising a tour on the Aeolian Islands. So lets start from their names…The formation include seven islands: Lipari, Vulcano, Salina, Stromboli, Filicudi, Alicudi and Panarea.

The seven islands are located off-shore Sicily in the Tyrrhenian sea and have always been a popular tourist destination, where to explore and discover  (with guided tours nature) , small towns, Volcano, Ancient Ruins and much more.

Unspoilt nature and an authentic atmosphere will leave you breathless, an experience not to be missed during your Holidays and Travels.The 7 Pearls of Sicily are islands full of myths and history officially part of the UNESCO World Heritage sites.  Every island has its characteristics which make them all worth a visit, so let’s have a look to them.

Lipari is the biggest island among the seven Aeolian Islands and also the most populated. The island has beautiful landscapes especially during sunsets when the Island is covered by a magical atmosphere, a fascinating culture rich of peculiar traditions and delicious typical recipes and products, a perfect location if you are looking for a Holiday or Tour based on Relax and Entertainment. One of the main attractions to visit during your Tour to Lipari is the castle built on a volcanic rock hight more or less 50 meters: its massive town walls, where you can find the San Bartolomeo cathedral and the archeological Eolian museum are ancient ruins which will take you back in time. Restaurants and shops  can be fund in any corner of the Island, a characteristic worth mentioning. Lipari is also well known for its thermal springs, the sea, and the beaches… This must be a step during your Holiday in Sicily, among Sicily Tours maybe the most suggestive!



Vulcano, or  “island of fire”  from a volcanological perspective, can be considered still active. Recently, the island was famous for its thermal activity such as mud-baths, which different researches and studies have discovered to give many health benefits. Surrounded by black beaches, a distinctive trait of the island, Volcano is an Island for explores in search of adventure. One of main attractions are the glowing crater, where you can see the fume and can smell the sulfur, and what local people call  “Valle dei Mostri” translated as Monster Valley, located in Vulcanello, where the volcanic rocks took unexpected shapes during the last centuries, creating shapes and forms which can inspire your imagination as they inspired poets and writers. The islands can be visited by  any kind of traveler since they offer both: great opportunity to relax or exciting adventures surrounded by a wild and untouched nature.


Salina is the “green” island, due to the rich and lush nature, also the second largest island among the seven Aeolian Islands. One of the best types of Malvasia, which is a group of wine grape variety, can be found on this island: thanks to wine tasting tours or simply dining in any of the seven Islands you may taste the delicious Wine produced from this Sicilian grape. The blue sea and the beautiful beaches make Salina a perfect destination for tourists who love nature, letting you relax on it’s gorgeous beaches and crystal waters. Snorkeling and Diving tours are experience tagged as ” Must to do” during your tour at the Aeolian Islands. The name of this magical Islands, Salina, which in english can be translated as “salt mill” comes from the ancient site of salt production, located in Lingua. Among the slopes of the fossa, ancient Roman tombs are an interesting historical site to visit, recently discovered. Finally your tour to Salina, probably, will end with the visit of the Sanctuary of the Madonna del Terzito, located between Malfa and Leni, built in 1630. This site is the religious center of Salina, where pilgrims meet the main feast day of July 23 every year.


Panarea is the smallest and most ancient island of the Aeolian islands, known for its VIP tourism, thanks to a peculiar fact: on the island live actually 280 people, so their privacy can be preserved. The W magazine defined it as “the epicenter of the chicest summer scene in the Mediterranean.” Panarea and the entire Aeolian chain were declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2000 and tourists from all over the world love the picturesque island and the wild beauty of its nature. The island is rich of natural spots , like  the “Cala degli Zimmari” Bay and “Cala Junco”, a paradisiac bay hidden between the cliffs. Near by the Punta Milazzese, a prehistoric village dating back to the bronze era can be visited during your visit on one of the smallest Aeolian Islands. Finally, at Calcarea Beach, you can observe different a totally different volcanic phenomena:  the fumaroles. Snorkeling and Boat Tours are highly recommended during the visit of this small volcanic island: thanks to diving tours or snorkeling, the fumaroles ( picture bellow ) can be explored and will leave you breathless! An other peculiar experience may be sailing with Dolphins, inexplicably dolphins are attracted by waters of Panarea, so book your Boat Tour around the Island and get ready for an exciting adventure…

Alicudi and Filicudi are the untouched islands of the group with their wild nature and crystal clear water. They fit perfectly the needs of those who look for some days of total relax with the only company of nature and great sun. Perfect also for families and free time, where to play with children on it’s beautiful beaches.

Risultati immagini per stromboli

Stromboli is the pearl of the Aeolian islands, probably the most visited. Contains one of the three active Italian volcanos and it’s name was given to it because of its round swelling form. Characteristic is the tiny village of Ginostra on the western side of the island, which was recently added to the UNESCO World Heritage List; this village is perfect for everyone that loves tranquillity.

A significant geological feature of the volcano is the Sciara del Fuoco (“stream of fire”), a big horseshoe-shaped depression generated in the last 13,000 years by several collapses on the northwestern side of the cone. Those who are looking for an exciting experience can hike up the volcano and see one of the amazing eruptions of the Stromboli, the latest major eruption was in 2009, some researchers have been studying it’s activity and suppose that another major eruption may occur in the next years.

You can also reach the Island with Helicopter Tours, to admire from the sky all the beauty it offers. In any case this volcanic island, part of the Aeolian Island is simply pure magic during it’s sunsets where the colour of Lava melts with daylight falling into quite waters.




These are the Aeolian Islands tours and what your could actually experience during a tour or excursion, magical places full of history and landscapes that will make you fall in love with them. As ending of this little guide for Aeolian Islands Tours, a video done during 2017 of Stromboli’s volcanic activity melting with the milky way during the night…. Enjoy!


In the summertime, from Taormina, it is possible to visit 2 of the 7 Aeolian islands tours enjoying a one-day trip. You can choose between the Panarea and Stromboli tour, and the Lipari and Vulcano one. with Deep in Sicily Tours!

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