Visit The Valley of the Temples

Visit the Valley of the Temples Visit the Valley of Temples with Deep in Sicily Tours and Excursions History: Agrigento, whose Greek name was Akragas, was founded in the years 582-580 BC by Greek colonists from Gela. The city is also known as the ”City of the Temples”:  all of them are in Doric style and located in […]

The Aeolian Islands Tours perfect guide

Aeolian Islands Tours

The Aeolian Islands Tours perfect guide The Aeolian Islands tours:  these Islands are an archipelago in Italy belonging to Sicily, magical Islands one different from the other one and all rich of peculiar sites, places and things to do. This little guide is a step by step full immersion into their unique characteristics, letting you start […]

Visit Etna

visit etna

Visit Etna «Everything great that the nature has to offer, everything pleasant, everything terrible, can be compared with visit Etna, but you cannot compare anything with Mount Etna » (Dominique Vivand Denon, “Voyage en Sicilie”, 1788) Etna volcano is the highest volcano in Europe and one of the most active volcanoes in the world. Its eruptions occur both at the summit, where there […]

Where was the godfather filmed

Visiting the sites where Francis Ford Coppola shot parts of the movie Where was the godfather filmed? The Godfather is a film published on 1972, made by Francis Ford Coppola and interpreted by Marlon Brando with Al Pacino, James Caan, John Cazale, Robert Duvall, Talia Shire and Diane Keaton. The story was inspired by the […]