Carnival in Sicily

Sicily island of traditions, sometimes holy and sometimes not

Since 1594 at Acireale, a few km away from Taormina, the most ancient Carnival is celebrated. This year starting from the third of February until Fat Tuesday, ten days of hilarious celebrations during which the town of Acireale will get colored by masks, carnival floats, traditions and much more.

From the 8th the parade of carnival floats, a mix of art, dance and music: inspired by news, tv shows or by politicians  these floats are handcrafted in papier-mâché by artisans with many years of experience  and will definitely surprise you with light shows, mechanic movements and also for their majesty.

The 12th of February another parade takes act,  but this time with floats decorated only with flowers, creating an colorful parade along the streets of the town, followed by the scents of these flowers. 

But Carnival is a tradition followed by more than one town in Sicily: from the third of February until the 13th, at Misterbianco Carnival is well know for it’s handmade costumes, colored and unique art works madeby Sicilian artisans; near by Agrigento from the 8th until the 13th of February, Sciacca’s Carnival is becoming year after year quite visited by people curious to see floats realized in papier-mâché and also handmade costumes.

Near by Enna, at Regalbuto Carnival is famous not for their floats or costumes, but for their traditional ballets that take place in the main square of the town. Dancers are masked and divided into 12 groups, getting inspiration from ancient celebrations act to welcome spring.

There are many different Carnivals celebrated in Sicily, each with it’s peculiar tradition. Also in Taormina, Carnival will take place with floats and costumes from the 8th to the 13th of February.