Dip in the sea and race of New Year

Dip in the sea and the race of New Year

The “Dip in Sea and Race of New Year” is a regular event for the world amateur jogging Sicilian, for over forty years finds himself at the dawn of each New Year in Taormina to participate in a unique event of its kind, not only Sicily but throughout the Italian and international sports landscape.

At the stroke of New Year in Taormina touches fact punctually record first sporting event of the year in Europe, the dual character of foot race and dip in the sea for the more adventurous who, according to tradition, love to dive into the icy waters of the bay Villagonia.

A historical event, therefore, that has made and continues to make history in athletics Taormina, thanks to what was a brilliant idea of its creator, the unforgettable Chico Scimone, Gramps sprinter, climber skyscrapers, music teacher and of life that he has been with his character the very essence of Taormina.

It was the dawn of 1974 when, after celebrating the New Year night at the historic La Giara, still in the grip of the euphoria of the celebrations, Chico decided to go on foot to Villagonia and a bit ‘tipsy dived in sea with all the smoking in the cold waters of the sea, before rebounding to race between bends via Pirandello to the historic center.

Mindful of a unique experience, the following year, Chico threw a call through Radio International Taormina (where he took care of the music corner) to those who want to share with him this enterprise.

The invitation was collected only by the athlete Alfio D’Amore, now vice president of the Marathon Club Taormina, on the morning of New Year of 1975 dived along with Chico in the waters of Villagonia before rebounding to race in the country.

The two friends were not discouraged and in fact, the “Dip in Sea and Race” from that year became a must for lovers of athletics that year after year have come to Taormina More and more, encouraging Chico Scimone to found the Taormina Athletic Club.

In the ’80s then the race has received official recognition of FIDAL, becoming competitive and known throughout the world. Many foreigners, in fact, that they decide to spend the Christmas holidays in Taormina and then taste the flavors of this event that is about to experience the 41st edition, the race included in the calendar FIDAL, conducted technical-sports ASD Marathon Club Taormina and its president Carmelo, which for several years has collected dall’Athletic Club witnessed the official organizer, enriching the event’s prestigious trophies.

Also this year, today, the 1 January 2016, there was this big event. Many persons ran. Also not affiliated with federations or sports promotion persons was able to run a special classification for non-competitive.

It is certain that also this year on New Year’s “Dip in Sea and Race” was full of participants, spectators and success.

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