Mount Etna’s Lava stone

Mount Etna’s Lava stone

Lava stone of Mount Etna is used in many ways in Sicily.

The main purpose is for building: around the Etna region, you can find the black lava stone nearly everywhere.

While walking through the streets of little towns on the slopes of Mount Etna as well as Catania, you will quickly recognize the black coloured buildings and monuments – all built from the black lava stone.

When Mount Etna erupted in 1669, it unwittingly gave birth to an entire stoneworking tradition on Sicily’s east coast. Lava stone, technically known as basalt, can be found throughout the state of Catania, as boulders outside of the Catania city centre. It is used for paving and curbing throughout the city and is also used for carved architectural work.

Risultati immagini per pietra lavica etna

But the lava stone is not just used for building but also for art and crafts work. If you interested in art you can visit some expositions with sculptures made of lava stone.

There are also many little souvenirs made of lava stone, which give tourists the opportunity to take a little piece of the Etna with them. Nearly everywhere on the East coast of Sicily, you can find souvenir shops or little craft shops selling handmade items made of lava stone from the Etna. You can find jewellery, decorative objects and vases, magnets and much more at affordable prices. It is the perfect souvenir to bring home from your trip to give away as a present.

Things made of lava stone of Mount Etna can also be a great souvenir for yourself to remember your holiday in Sicily and the great day on the Etna that you spent exploring lava fields, craters and lava caves. During the excursions, our experienced guides will tell you more about the different types of lava stones and their characteristics. Click here to see the different kinds of tours on Mount Etna.

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