Trekking through the colours of Etna

There are numerous ways to immerge yourself in the natural world of Etna. From gentle strolls, a down-to-earth picnic, to some more sportive trekking, your Etna hiking trip will surely be an invaluable experience.

Accompanied by a naturalistic guide such as those provided by Etna People, the world that you will discover is rich in the smallest details, new colours and incredible scents that you wouldn’t ordinarily see.

Trekking on Mount Etna is an unforgettable experience, a mix of history, legend and wonder that will stay with you for life!

Across the landscape , you will see green foliage, yellow flowers of the Mount Etna broom plant, and the striking white birch trees in against the black ash background. Above 3000m of altitude, a lunar-like landscape opens up. Gone are any signs of life, just signs of a live volcano!

From a gentle stroll to a more challenging hike, Etna will be the highlight of your trip to Sicily.

The benefit of have a naturalistic guide for your Etna trekking experience

Why do some rocks have a reddish or yellowish colouring? Why are some of them heavier than others?

What happens to a crater after an eruption?

What is the ‘mother-in-law’s cushion’, and why shouldn’t you sit on it?

What are the volcanic bombs?

These, along with many other questions you might have will be answered and explained during the trip by your passionate and knowledgable guide.

Equipment for trekking

Trekking boots are a must for walking on the uneven terrain, so that you don’t slip on the volcanic ash. Suncream, hat and sunglasses, both in summer and winter. Comfortable clothing with layers such as a T-shirt, fleece, jacket and waterproof raincoat. You should also bring a bottle of water, maybe binoculars and a camera, but certainly lots of energy!

Happy hiking!

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