Visiting Mazzarò Bay

Top 10 things to do in Taormina

Visiting Mazzarò Bay

Just a few minutes by car from the center of Taormina, Mazzarò Bay is the maritime part of Taormina.

The inlets with many little bays make it one of the most beautiful coastlines of Sicily.

It is reachable from Taormina either by bus, cable car or a stroll which takes about 30 minutes, the beautiful Mazzarò Bay offers nature and relaxation. The beach is made of cobbles and typical Mediterranean vegetation, and the sea is crystal clear.

The beach of Mazzaró may not be the largest beaches of the region, but it is certainly of the most beautiful ones. The sand is coarse with pebbles of small and medium size, both on the beach and in the water.

In the summer season, you can use the equipment on the “lidos” of the Mazzarò bay (e.g. sun loungers and sunshades) by paying a fee.

Risultati immagini per mazzarò

Next to Mazzarò bay, between Capo Taormina and Capo Sant’Andrea, you can find Isola Bella.

This little island is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Isola Bella is situated just 100 meters away from the coast and sometimes it even becomes a peninsula.

You can access the island easily by foot. On the island in the Villa Caronina, there is the regional naturalistic museum of Isola Bella. Villa Caronina is a small red villa which is built on the rocks of Isola Bella.

Risultati immagini per mazzarò

At Mazzarò Bay it is possible to enjoy some activities, such as diving and snorkeling.  You will have fun looking at the sea floor and at the maritime fauna. Alternatively, you can start an exciting boat tour that will let you discover the fascinating “blue cave” and other rocks.

For those who are not staying in Taormina, it is also possible to enjoy a bath in the crystal waters of Mazzarò during one of the many stops of a Sailboat tour from Riposto,

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