Visiting Taormina

Top 10 things to do in Taormina

Visiting Taormina

Taormina is located in a strategic point: on one side the crystal-clear waters of Ionian sea, outlined on the coast by the rocks and Mediterranean vegetation, and on the other side the Gentle Giant, the majestic Mount Etna.

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The birth of this Italian city was determined by the arrival of some Greek refugees from the nearby city of Naxos, who named it Tauromenion.

During this period, the city assumed the typical appearance of the various Greek colonies, and the city’s symbol, the famous Greek Theatre, was built. 

The second period of Taormina’s history is bounded with the Roman conquest. After that, the Muslim conquest contributed to the transformation of the city as they decorated the city with fountains and gardens.

Since the end of the 18th century, Taormina became the object of interest of many important people of the era such as painters, writers, and aristocrats, until it became a touristic destination well known all over the world.

The importance of Taormina for the tourism made it a crucial center for the departure of tours toward many places in Sicily, like Syracuse, Palermo, Agrigento, Piazza Armerina, Vulcano, Lipari or Stromboli, and Panarea around the Eolian Islands, Noto, and Etna.

Walking through Taormina’s streets is like stepping back in time. You will see magnificent palaces and majestic artworks which show no sign of the years. On the contrary, the passing of the years seems to have enriched this cultural and architectural jewel.

The heart of Taormina, the big Ancient Greek Theatre, hosts a lot of events: musicals concerts, operas, festivals, fashion events etc…

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This little town offers its tourists cultural activities, relax, as well as sports.

You can swim and walk in Bazzarò Bay, the beach of Taormina. Or you can stroll in the Public Garden.

You can also do trekking on the mountain above the city, and discover the ancient Saraceno castle.

While you are visiting and enjoying Taormina, it’s impossible to quit without tasting the Sicilian cuisine.

Many are restaurants and taverns where it’s possible to enjoy fresh fish, first course like ”Norma Pasta”, cannolo with ricotta, arancini, almond wine and pistachio cakes.

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Nature is the constant background of many sports: for example, trekking on Mount Venus is an amazing experience, or if you decide to go at Mazzarò Bay, you can walk by the sea. Other sports offered by Taormina are diving, snorkeling – for sea lovers -,
hiking, skiing as well as winter sports on Mount Etna for those who love the altitude!

The night life’s core point is the center of Taormina; the pubs and lounge bars with their dancing youngsters give vitality until the early hours of the morning: Jar, Morgana, Mediterranean, Timoleon Cafe, Lounge 123 …
Those who love the live events cannot miss the concerts and events that animate the Greek theater of Taormina in the summer.
Sea lovers can enjoy the parties at the numerous discos and pubs overlooking the Riviera Taorminese: Caparena, Meridien, Stockholm.


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